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APRIL 16, 2021

Keeping Me Sane

Released April 2021, Keeping Me Sane, is a reflection on life, love and the never-ending search for self. It’s the product of navigating relationships, embracing sexuality, and learning acceptance — an illumination of the human condition that leaves us hopeful for more. As Joseph says, “This music is about feeling acceptance, regardless of your walk of life, and knowing that everything will be okay. The process of creating this album was just that for me.” 


The result is collection of songs that embrace every inch of life, and capture Joseph’s realizations along the way. Sonically-rich and melodically savvy, the music pays subtle homage to the past in its style, and yet remains utterly in touch with the nuances of contemporary folk. “I don’t have it all figured out in any sense, but I’ve stayed true to myself and am ready for what comes next.” Keeping Me Sane reminds us all to embrace the freedom in letting go.

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