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Zack Joseph’s forthcoming album, Keeping Me Sane, is a reflection on life, love and the never-ending search for self. It’s the product of navigating relationships, embracing sexuality, and learning acceptance — an illumination of the human condition that leaves us hopeful for more. As Joseph says, “This music is about feeling acceptance, regardless of your walk of life, and knowing that everything will be okay. The process of creating this album was just that for me.” 


Keeping Me Sane Extended Edition LP

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This extended edition vinyl includes Zack Joseph's new release, Keeping Me Sane, and selections from his 2014 debut album, All in Time.


    SIDE A

    1.  Crashing Down
    2.  Keeping Me Sane
    3.  Slave To My Money
    4.  High
    5.  Runaway Train
    6.  Our Path


    Side B

    7.  Ten Pounds More
    8.  Whiskey and Co
    9.  All In Time
    10.  Every Now and Then
    11.  Like You Did Before
    12.  Lord I’ve Been Good

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