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“With the catchiness of pop and a distribution of folk and country throughout, these near-theatrical songs are full of such emotion and confidence that they posses a dose of universality helping them appeal to a wide audience.” - Music Mecca


“Euphoric Americana” - Rock the Pigeon


“If Queen and James Taylor had a jam session, the result would sound a lot like Zack Joseph.” -Country Queer


“the Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist has a knack for tight pop melodies and vulnerable lyrics.” - Country Queer

"His powerful vocals are able to compete with the exciting production and still come out on top, allowing the listener to appreciate the story and complementing the jovial, bubbly production." - Music Mecca


“...with the album, Keeping Me Sane, [Zack Joseph] is living and writing and singing his truth as a queer man in country music. The title track “Keeping Me Sane” is...more traditional country music sound, but then “High,” a really fun pop song.” - Adobe & Teardrops

"Americana singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zack Joseph expresses this sort of resilience in a triumphant comeback with his lively new single “High,” - Music Mecca


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